Keli Price talks Side Effects!

Keli Price talks Side Effects!

Keli Price

December 12th, 2013


Glitter Magazine recently sat down with Keli Price to talk about his new show, Side Effects, on Awesomeness TV, what movie he’d love to act in, how he got into the business, and his celebrity crushes. Did you know his family was also in the business? We didn’t. Read on to find out all about Keli Price!

GLITTER: Who do you play on your show, Side Effects, on Awesomeness TV?

KELI: I play Zak, and it’s about five kids whose parents are out of the equation. The five of them are living in a house and I basically grew up in that house. I’ve had an antagonistic relationship with my best friend Jason’s younger sister, Lexi, and for the longest time we’ve had strong feelings for each other, but we don’t show it. It comes out at times. Eventually it takes control, and we are forced to confront our feelings.

GLITTER: Do you relate to you character in any way?

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