Fanlala Interview: Keli Price

Fanlala Interview: Keli Price

Keli Price

November 5th, 2013


YouTube recently wrapped their big Music Week, an event whose purpose was to help promote music, whether it was mainstream, indie, or from rising artists.

‘Side Effects’ was a special that focused on the powerful effects that music can have on the human spirit. We got to ask one of the stars of the special, Keli Price, about his role in ‘Side Effects.’ See what he had to say down below!

Fanlala: What advantage(s) would you say YouTube has as a viewing platform over television?

Check out info on the Fanlala live tweet: You can keep track of it all using the hashtags #kelipricetakeover and #sideeffectsonFanlala. So tell your friends, and get ready for a chill Tuesday night with actor Keli Price. Just remember to follow our Twitter Feed AND watch the episode at the same time!

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